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How it Works

The idea is simple - we do everything for you. If like a lot of people you don't have time to spend building your own website then call us and let us do it for you. No matter how "simple" the tools they give you on wix or 1&1 are, you still have to learn the new skills that you just don't have time to do. By having a simple conversation with us over the phone we will get your new website online within a couple of days.


Call Us and Have a Chat

Just a short conversation will give us enough information to get your new website up and running. It's not a test so you don't have to prepare and we simply have a list of questions about your business the answers of which we can use as the text on your website.


We Build Your New Site

Armed with your information our team of developers will build your new website using one of our templates as a guide and then put it on our development server for you to look at before it goes live. If you want to add your own logo and photos then we will get those off you as well and if after you see the site on our test platform you want to change some text or the photos then we can do that for you as well - no charge!


Tell Your Friends

Once you are happy and have given the go ahead then we put your new website live and you can tell all your friends and send them links so they can be impressed with your professional responsive website. If you have the time then we might also ask you for a testimonial so we can add you to our list of happy customers.

Your New Website

Just give us some basic details and we will show you what your new website can look like with just one click.

"I don't have time to build a website and keep updating it so I use MY•TRADERWEBSITE to take care of everything and all I need to do is pick up the phone"

BW Deacon - Westoning


There are lots of reasons why a MY•TRADERWEBSITE is a good idea but here are just a few reasons to be cheerful …

Built for people like you

We are focussed on small businesses like yours where you need a website but don't know where to start.

Save Tons of Time

Spend your time working on your business and making money - not learning how to code a website. The hassle free way to get a website.

Built with Solid Foundations

With over 20 years of web development experience we can guarantee a website that is fit for purpose.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

We make sure that all our websites are built to be easy to read on both mobile phones and tablets whatever their size.

It's so Easy

What are you waiting for? We can get your website live and ready for visitors in just a couple of days. We just need some basic information to start the process and we can get that now over the phone.

Website = More Sales

Having a website gives you another way to stay in touch with your potential customers and make more sales.

Check out your new website

Take a look at what your new website could look like - just enter some details and you can see what your new website could look like.

Look at your example website now


We have built lots of websites for people just like you so here are just a few examples.

Each website we build is made up of building blocks that are common for the majority of our customers like you. So when we speak to you we already have an idea of the type of information and questions that we need to ask you to get the right information so that our team of developers can fill in the blanks.

We will ask you for some information about your business and this will become the 'About Us' section of the site.

The we will ask for a list of services that you provide - this can be a simple bullet point list that we display on the page or it may be more detailed it is purely down to how much information that you can provide.

We will then ask for some photos that we can use as part of the portfolio or gallery so that the page is not too text heavy.

Finally we will put your contact details and a map provided by google onto the website so that your customers can find you and your business.

We will also add a footer with links to a standard terms of use page

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions so here are a few of the more obvious ones but if you need to know more then just give us a call and we will be happy to answer your concerns.

Can I use a domain name I already own?
Yes you can. If you have already registered a domain name with a company like 123-reg or if you already have a website that you would like to upgrade then we can normally point your domain name to your new mytrader website within a few hours. We generally prefer you to keep control over your domain name so that you can repoint the domain at any time and do not feel like we are taking your domain name hostage as has happened previously with other website developers. Having said that we are more than happy to take care of the technical side of things so just give us a call and we can explain the process to get your domain name pointing to your new website as quickly as possible.
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What are the hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs. If you want more bells and whistles than our standard simple website template provide then we will give you a price for those extras but we don't hide that cost and we don't charge for any updates. There may be a waiting period if we are busy with updates for several customers ahead of you so we use a fair use policy to ensure that people do not monopolise our time. Rest assured though we won't charge you extra, you may just have to wait an extra day for those changes to be made. The one caveat to this is that we will prioritise urgent changes.
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Do I need to do anything?
Nothing too taxing, you need to give us a call and answer some simple questions so that we can start the process of getting your website built and live for you. The only other thing you may want to do is find some photos that we can use on your website to make it more personal to you.
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I don't have any photos what can I do?
We have a bank of hundreds of stock photos that we can draw upon to give your website a professional feel but we always recommend that you use some of your own photography to personalise your website. If you would like to use your own photos but have not got any suitable then we can provide details of some local photographers.
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Why do I pay a monthly fee and not a one off charge?
As we are providing a service and not a product we charge a single monthly fee. For that monthly fee we;
  • • host your website within a top class UK datacentre (it's important for Google etc that the website is hosted on a UK server for a UK audience)
  • • provide up to 10 email forwarders for any email addresses you like (sales, enquiries, support etc)
  • • give you ongoing support (we are just a phone call away)
  • • make unlimited revisions to your website (we operate a fair use policy that may on occasion mean that you wait a little longer for your turn)

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I have more questions who do I talk to?
Just call us during office hours on 01908 583 281 and we can answer any questions that you have. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and if we can't help you with your website then we will tell you as quickly as we can. We want everyone using our service to be happy and if for whatever reason we are not the best fit then we will be happy to point you in a different direction.
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What about if I want more than a simple website?
We can offer more bells and whistles but those will come at an additional cost - this service is developed for people who just need a website quickly and aren't looking to learn new skills to do it. Give us a call and explain what it is that you are looking for and we will give you an estimate on the costs you can expect.
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What about viewing my website on a mobile phone or ipad?
All our websites are built to be responsive and what that means is that they 'respond' to the way they are being viewed. So someone seeing your website on a mobile phone screen will see a slightly different version to the one on their desktop screen or ipad. They are all looking at the same website with the same content but it has been optimised for that device.
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